MTI poses 5 strategic questions for the presidential candidates

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As part of their continuous thought leadership initiative, the international strategy consultancy MTI, have identified the 5 most economically pressing strategic questions for the Presidential Candidates.

  • What really is our competitive advantage as a nation?  Which sectors should we focus on – given our capabilities and the global opportunities?  How can we align our entire ‘educational supply chain’ to enable this? (this requires radical structural changes)

  • How to improve national productivity?  This is only possible if we work on the competencies, culture, motivation and mind-set that is needed to engage and improve human performance.

  • How to ensure that national economic development that  permeates down to and ‘touches’ the bottom of the pyramid?  This requires Sri Lankan businesses to set-up ventures that create regional employment, not just big deals on the stock market! There must be strong incentives and dis-incentives to ensure this.

  • How to achieve a quantum leap in our exports – because this is the only real way that we can ‘earn’ from the world to pay for what we ‘spend’ on imports? This requires strategically radical changes, while ensuring the interests of SMEs are taken care of.  ( a very delicate balance to achieve)

  • How to create a positive psychological environment that ensures law and order, human respect and dignity?  This will help Sri Lanka to harness the best of our human resources and that in turn will contribute to economic development.  At least, let’s start this now with ‘Generation Next’.

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Since the inception in 1997, MTI has worked on over 520 assignments in over 43 countries, covering a diverse range of industries, clients and business challenges.

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